The mode or method for contracting shall be defined by ENAP based on the relevant and particular variables of each process, lined-up with the corresponding Regulation. The invitation to participate in Tendering processes shall be send through a medium of communication that assures its reception by the supplier and/or contractor. For processes of Public Nature, the call to present bids shall be done through:
  • A written medium of regional, national and/or foreign circulation, as required according to the geographical terms of the process.

  • The publication on the Website of ENAP Group of Companies or any other to be defined. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a letter or any other written medium could be sent to all the Suppliers and/or Contractors who are registered in the corresponding Subspecialty of the Register of Suppliers of ENAP Group of Companies, who fulfill all the requirements specified for the process.
For processes of Private Nature, the invitation shall be extended to those suppliers who fulfill the specified requirements, by means of a letter or any other formal means of communication.

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