Good purchase and service contracting processes are performed by selecting the best supply chain strategy, what allows us to meet the needs of the organization at the least effective cost, observing the principles of transparency, competition and equity among the bidders, strictly enforcing the tendering bases, reference terms or any other documents or general and specific conditions regulating the corresponding process. In doing so, the processes are developed as per what is set forth in the regulations in force.

The relation with our suppliers and contractors is held under the highest commercial ethic and administrative probity standards, keeping a formal and fluid channel of communication between the suppliers and contractors, and ENAP Group of Companies.

ENAP guarantees transparent and efficient business models and lasting commercial and ethic relations to its goods and services suppliers, promoting a shared development, and allowing both a sustained growth in technology and management fields.


The Supply Chain Area receives the purchasing or contracting request from the user areas and, based on the complexity, includes an estimated sum, required terms, etc., and defines the best provision strategy to meet such needs.

The Supply Chain Area shall make sure every purchase or contract process is developed according to the corresponding Policies, Rules, Regulations and Procedures, so that the outcome is a transparent process which is lined-up with the strategic objectives of the organization.